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The Orthodox Church is not denominational, it's pre-denominational. We are part of that One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that has existed from the beginning.

We've kept the documents, we've kept the traditions, and we've kept the faith.

The world may change, and other churches may teach one thing today and another thing tomorrow, but the Orthodox Church, like her Lord, teaches and believes the same thing yesterday, today and forever.

Did you ever wonder where all of the different churches came from?

The chart below answers that question. As you can see, all of the churches except Orthodoxy began as something else. All of the other churches broke away from someone else at one time or another. 

In the gospel of St. Matthew 16:18 our Lord informs us that He has founded a Church, and promises that the very gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

If our Lord meant what he said, and He truly had the power to preserve His Church, then where is it? Every different church has 'their' truth, practice 'their' traditions and teach 'their' Jesus. 

But where is the original?



Further information about the Holy Orthodox Church can be discovered by following any of the links below, or you can make contact with us using the resources on our Contact Us page. 

Many of us are converts. We come from a variety of backgrounds and and from different religious traditions. We understand the struggle it is to find a true Church home. We all are on a quest for the risen and living Jesus Christ; for that place where seekers and sinners can share the authentic faith of the Living God.

We've found our home in Orthodoxy, and we invite you to come and see! 

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We've compiled a short list of suppliers of religious goods that we thought might be useful.

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